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Happy Tails & Noses Too!

Island puppies make the most wonderful additions to families.  Here are just a few of the many great adoption stories of puppies that went from being unwanted and unloved to cherished family members, giving so much joy to their forever families. 

Mango was found as a stray on Anguilla when very young.  Hungry, dehydrated and frightened, she was brought to the AARF shelter where she was cared for, fattened up and loved. She came to NJ in the dead of winter to a snowy cold environment so very different from where she came. With good food, lots of love (and a warm jacket) she quickly learned to love life in the States. Mango was adoptted to a warm, loving family complete with another dog and a cat.  Her mom has this to say:  "Two years ago, while looking for a puppy that would fit in with our family, I found Mango on Her journey at such a young age, coupled with her adorable face grabbed at my heart and I immediately applied to adopt her. We were approved and the rest is history. Mango is a sweet, sensitive, loving soul with a cute, quirky personality and she has completed our family.  We love her! We live on Long Island and her foster mommy that brought her here has said that she went from an Island Stray to an Island Princess! AARF and all of its volunteers from the shelter in Anguilla to those who transport these precious souls to their forever homes are angels. I would not get a puppy from anywhere else."

This is Otis, also seen as a puppy on our "About IPR" page. Another unwanted stray, he was existing by hiding out under a dumpster eating whatever scraps he could find. He was very frightened and we think had been kicked and chased by someone, he cowered and shook when approached by a compassionate woman  who discovered him and his unfortunate plight. She  began leaving food and fresh water near the dumpster for him and speaking gently to him. Soon he recognized the sound of her car when she arrived each day with food. After some time, he began to trust her enough that she could pick him up and she then brought him to the AARF shelter. He was brought to NJ by a visiting couple and then spent a few weeks in foster care in NJ before being adopted by a great family who has given a wonderful home where he has thrived both physically and emotionally. Otis' mom describes him by saying:  " Otis, now over a year old now,continues to be the best dog ever. He is loving, kind, gentle and mellow when we need him to be.  He loves children, other dogs, listens well and is the best companion we could ask for." 

Check out our Bear! So handsome and so happy, now. Bear was taken in by Island Puppy Rescue after his world fell apart because of a drastic lifestyle change from and upstate country home to Manhattan. He didn't adjust, just couldn't get used to the noises, smells and congestion of city life. His family (who had brought him to NY from Anguilla as a tiny puppy) sadly surrendered him to a friend who fell upon tough times and subsequently surrendered him to IPR. Lots of love and training (at the direction of Barbara McClew of Superior Dog Academy) did help Bear to adjust somewhat to life in suburbia. He relaxed quite a bit but still remained nervous and jumpy at times. He needed a home of his own!!! Then along came Rosemary and her wonderful daughter Kimberly!! After a meet and greet at Bear's foster home and another at their home it appeared that their home might be what a Bear needed to be truly happy and content. The rest, as you can see is history! Bear is home, happy, joyful really! 🐾💜

Bandit, known as Fabio was at the AARF shelter when a family that was vacationing on the island volunteered to bring 3 puppies back to NJ to foster and find homes for. Other familly members were waiting at their rented villa waiting to meet the puppies.  When the pups arrived,Mike and Carrie, newlyweds that had just married at Meads Bay the day before fell head over heels with the handsome Fabio.  He was adopted into his forever home before he even boarded the ferry for the first leg of his trip to NJ.   Bandit now helps Mike and Carrie manage a self storage facility in South Jersey by winning potential renters over with his wonderful personality and adorable "smiing" face.  He is affctionately known as "The Closer" and has been credited with lots of unit rentals since joining his loving family. He is loving life in NJ and enjoys visits to the Jersey Shore where he loves strolling along the bay.

​Happy ​Noses too! The pup on the right was Celusa while on the island of Anguilla.  Celusa  and her sisters were surrendered to the shelter as unwanted strays when the shelter was already packed with puppies.  After a couple of weeks they moved to a foster home on the island and Celusa's sisters were adopted leaving her an only puppy in a house with a not so hospitable resident cat!  Depressed and in need of a permanent home, Celusa was fortunate enough to hitch a ride to NJ on the "Puppy Express" and lived in a foster home in NJ until adopted.  She is now a cherished member of a happy family of mommy Jennifer, daddy Eric and her best friend forever, Remmy!  Now named Banksy, she enjoys life to the fullest surrounded in love! (The cat in that wonderful island foster home is much happier now as well!)

Anguillan Long Dog from Island Puppy Rescue

Coco is what the Anguillans call a "Long Dog" and you can see by the picture why!  Long Dogs resemble our Dachshunds with their long bodies and short legs.  Occasionally Island Puppy Rescue gets Long Dog puppies and they are always adopted very quickly, we think because of their unique appearance and famous wonderful personalities.  Coco was only in foster care for a short time when adopted by a family in NJ. Despite her island homeland, she loves romping in the snow, she is an all around great dog, a real snuggler.  Her family admits to being "obsessed" with her.  She graduated from obedience school with flying colors, enjoyed her very own Easter basket of dog goodies and toys and is enjoying her new life to the fullest!

Milo was brought to NJ by a California couple who were visiting Anguilla and offered to bring two puppies back to the States if a foster home was available.  Milo and his sister were the lucky ones to take advantage of this generous offer.  His sister, Reggae,  seen on our home page is still waiting for her forever home.  When Milo's soon to be forever family met him, they were immediately won over by his very calm, gentle demeanor.  Milo is loving his new life, complete with a loving family, large yard to run in and even a pool.  On Memorial Day Milo dipped his feet into the pool and his family hopes that he will soon be swimming with them on hot summer days.

 This handsome boy, Zeus, formerly named Inti and originally from Anguilla is living a wonderful life her in NJ celebrated his first birthday in November 2013. He and  his "brother" Copper posed so nicely for the obligatory birthday hat photo before partaking of some homemade birthday treats. What a wonderful life he now has with his loving human family and his best friend Copper. Zeus, like other island puppies seem to know just how good they have it here in the States and show their appreciation with love and loyalty and the patience to wear hats!


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