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​About Island Puppy Rescue

Lmestone Bay, Anguilla
AARF Clinic, Anguilla

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Island Puppy Rescue, Inc. is a small group of volunteers with a mission in mind!

Most people think of the Caribbean as Paradise, and in most respects,  that is true.  However, for the animals of the islands, life is far from perfect.  The lucky ones are pets, they have food, water and shelter from the hot sun.


Many pets, however, have little or no vet care and are not spayed and neutered.  The not so lucky ones are the strays and feral dogs.  For these unfortunate dogs and their puppies, life is very difficult.  Food is scarce and usually found in and around restaurant dumpsters. Fresh water is also hard to find, mostly in puddles or ditches after a rain.  Parasites are not so scarce and neither are fire ants. ​


Fortunately there are caring people working very hard to provide for the dogs and puppies of the islands.  They offer food, water, shelter, veterinary care and affection. What is missing though, are enough permanent, loving homes for all of these dogs.


That’s where Island Puppy Rescue comes in.  We work with these wonderful volunteers on the islands by offering foster homes here in the states until permanent homes are found for the pups.  Fortunately, the “Puppy Express” has been able to enlist the help of residents and visitors in providing transportation for some of these puppies to the States.​


While the puppies are in foster care here in the NJ, NY, PA area, they finish their vaccinations and dewormings and begin basic housetraining and socialization.  Even the shyest puppies begin to thrive and are ready to become cherished members of adoptive families. We screen applicants, facilitate adoptions and help to create a better life for both puppies and their forever families!

     Island Puppy Rescue, Inc. is a New Jersey not for profit organization and a 501(3)(C) Corporation.  All donations are tax free.

Island Puppy Rescue participates in the New Jersey Animal Population Control Low Cost Spaying and Neutering Program.

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